Where else can you go to get all off these great activities for your 3-6 year old? The program is built around rotations in Gymnastics, swimming, creative play, arts and crafts and academics. In the Summer the academics is substituted with story time. What a great way to build strength, confidence and learn those important special motor skills that are needed for development!

Parents, did you know that Palaestra is one of the longest running preschool programs in Austin? The beginning dates back to the early 70’s. Over the years, the program has maintained it’s unique qualities while adding new and exciting areas. Without a doubt, Palaestra will prepare your children for their Kindergarten experience. Palaestra’s success is partly due to the program’s flexibility in meeting the changing needs of the community. Rooms are large, providing more comfortable playing and teaching areas. A computer lab has proved to be a great addition to enhance our existing academics program. Your child will be well prepared academically, socially and physically. A winning combination.

Crenshaws is located in Northwest Austin off of Balcones Drive. This state of the art training facility is home for many different activities for children and adults. The indoor heated pool was built with teaching in mind. The shallow end is a mere 18 inches deep. The 12,000 square foot gymnasium is equipped with both full size and scaled down gymnastic apparatus. All of the trampolines are ground level to ensure the utmost in trampoline safety. There is a special arts & crafts room, computer lab academic area and a special room for creative play.

5000 Fairview Dr.
Austin, Texas 78731



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