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The Gymnastics party:

The gymnastics will be completely structured. There will be very little or no "free time" in the gym. We are aware that children who come to Crenshaws may be safe on the equipment, but those who are new to Crenshaws must be carefully watched. No exceptions here! Instruction will last about 45 minutes. Children will play games, jump trampoline, climb through an obstacle course and play in the "pit." You are reminded that if the party is for a 4 or 5 year old, you must provide one assistant adult per 8 children in the gym. Children should dress comfortably to be able to perform in the gym. No dresses or jewelry, please. Children will remove their shoes while in the gym.

The Swimming party:

The swimming will be free swim. The children will be instructed on the layout of the pool. Any child attending swim parties must know how to swim or swim with an adult. They will be also reminded of safety rules. You are reminded that if the party is for a 4 or 5 year old, you must provide one assistant adult per 8 children in the pool. Children should bring a swimming suit and towel. There is a changing area in the Cottage or in the main building.

Combo Gym & Swim Parties:

Combo Gym & Swim Parties will be given a gymnastic rotation, time to change and then time in the pool for some free swim. These parties are scheduled a longer time period for the party.

Available Times:

Saturday Morning

Gymnastics only (Summer Only)

Saturday Afternoon

Gymnastics only

Saturday after 5:00

Gymnastics and/or Swimming

Sunday Early Afternoon

Gymnastics and/or Swimming

Sunday Late Afternoon

Gymnastics and/or Swimming

Maximum Children

Gymnastic Party - 24 Children (15-20 ideal)
MEGA Gymnastic Party - 25 - 30 Children
Swim Party - 20 Children (15 ideal)
Combo Gym & Swim - 20 Children


There will be one instructor present for every 8 children.


Party Child Ages 4-10 years. (No one under the age of three will be allowed in the gym or pool during the party.)

Special Requirements

An adjustment in the number of teachers may be required if party children have special needs. Please discuss any special needs prior to scheduling the event.

Party Length

Each party will be given a three hour slot. The maximum length of the actual party should not exceed two hours (see sample). MEGA Parties and Combination Swim & Gym slightly longer. Parents may show up 15-30 minutes early for decorations. The ideal party is between 1 3/4 - 2 hours.

What to Bring

Parents should bring refreshments, cameras, paper plates and decorations if desired. Game prizes and party favors are permissible.


Ronda is the only person who will formally book parties even though anyone in the office will be happy to answer questions. Ronda works from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on weekdays. Spots cannot be held over the phone.


A $50 payment (cleaning/ commitment deposit) is required upon reserving the date for the party.
This deposit is refunded if: the parents fill out a short survey after the party.

Minimum Party Fee

A minimum of $100 will be charged for any party.


Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. Bookings are made two full months in advance. (ie March is booked beginning January 1) If an emergency occurs, a 48 hour notice is needed to re-schedule. Cancellation of a party will result in the loss of the deposit.


Cancellation of the party will result in the loss of the compete deposit. Should the party be rescheduled, a credit of $25 will be applied to the next party. (Reschedulimg is subject to available party times.)

Canceling Instructors

A 48 hour notice is required to reduce the number if instructors that have been reserved. Otherwise, there can be no reduction in the base fee.

Release Forms

A Party Invitation, Map and Release Form are supplied with each party. It is REQUIRED that every child has a signed release form to be able to participate. Parents should make sure this is done. Crenshaws does not want to be the "bad" guy!

Who can not participate

Children under the age of three are not allowed in the gym or pool during the birthday party. Adults are not allowed on ANY of the gym equipment at any time. It is the parent(s) of the birthday child's responsibility to make sure that these rules are enforced.

Special Note

All children participating in the activities will be charged and must sign the waiver. This also includes siblings.


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