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After School Care Registration will start March 7th.

After School Care Information


The 2022-23 After School Program will pick up children from Highland Park and Doss Elementary Schools. Children from Highland Park are met along the side of the school near the Kindergarten wing and walk across to our facility. Those children who come from Doss are picked up in one of our well maintained vans in front of the school and are returned to Crenshaws. The program is broken up into groups: kindergarten and first grade, second grade and a mix of third, fourth, and fifth grades. Each of these groups have their own homeroom where they begin and end each afternoon. Two or three teachers are assigned to each group.

Daily Activities

The day consists of outdoor activities and crafts mixed in with two full gymnastics classes a week.  Fridays are set aside for recreational swimming in our indoor heated pool.

Our Staff

Crenshaws is pleased to maintain a highly qualified group of teachers from one year to the next.


After School Care is for children from Kindergarten through Fifth grade. The program is held Monday through Friday and strictly follows the A.I.S.D. schedule.


The After School Program strictly follows the AISD School Schedule. Through our camp programs, care is available week of Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays and Spring Break. Camps are offered at these times for an additional fee.


Care is from the time school is released until 5:45 p.m.

Additional Fees

A fee is charged for those parent who are unable to pick up their child on time or do not call the office when children are going to be absent from the program.

Supply Fees

Supply fees are included in the Registration fee.

Gymnastic Uniform

Prior to the Spring of 2020, a gymnastics uniform was required for class and could be purchased at the office. It is still up the air as to if we will take up this requirement in the coming year. Crenshaws will provide a bag for each new student to keep their uniform and bathing suit at the club.


A light snack is served to the children daily. We do not allow the children to purchase snacks from the machines in the lobby.


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