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About After School Care

Crenshaw Athletic Club is located in Northwest Austin off of Balcones Drive. This state of the art training facility is home for many different activities for children and adults. The indoor heated pool was built with teaching in mind. The shallow end is a mere 18 inches deep. The 12,000 square foot gymnasium is equipped with both full-size and scaled-down gymnastic apparatus. All of the trampolines are ground level to ensure the utmost in trampoline safety. There is a special arts & crafts room, computer lab/academic area and additional special classrooms.

Crenshaw After School Care is a Sports and educational program dedicated to the development and advancement of children through physical and mental activities. It is our goal to make Crenshaws the most progressive facility of its kind. In striving to accomplish this goal, we never lose sight of the individual child. We pledge to do our best to develop each child's potential and provide them with a rewarding, enjoyable and positive experience.

Did you know that Crenshaws is one of the oldest private gymnastic clubs in the United States? The beginning dates back to 1951. The After School Program became a reality in 1984 with the completion of our facility on Balcones Drive. Over the years, the program has maintained its unique qualities while adding new and exciting activities.

Our After School Care program is different from the conventional care programs offered elsewhere. It provides a unique experience by offering a wide variety of activities. These include gymnastic classes and arts & crafts. The children also enjoy sports activities and recreational swimming. The goal of this program is to continue to challenge children by providing a fun atmosphere in which to spend their after school time. Crenshaws recognizes children should be challenged in a wide variety of ways to help expand their mind and body.

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